becareful with what you’re wish for

Dear God,
Can I have a day off?
Just one day, God.
Not much, isn’t it?

I need to lay down for a while, God.
I’m tired and emotionally unstable.
But everytime I get uncontrol, they keep saying that I’m crazy.
They said I was being ungrateful.

Please, let me have a little break.
Not doing the laundry.
Or cleaning the house.
Not cooking.
And listening those scream & tantrum.
However, nobody ever thanked me for everything I do.

Dear God,
I just need to have a good and deep sleep.
I’m exhausted. Physically and emotionally.

Lelaki itu terpekur memandangi secarik kertas yang berisi tulisan tangan istrinya. Tuhan telah menjawab permintaannya. Bahkan tak cuma sehari tapi selamanya.